Hockey Edmonton Novice Program

The NOVICE Program is Hockey Edmonton's premier Fundamentals Program, and is the foundation of skill development for young hockey players. The NOVICE Program is apart of Hockey Edmonton's Intro to Hockey Programs.

The Hockey Edmonton NOVICE Program is for athletes ages 7 to 8 years old. These athletes will participate in practice and half-ice game play together, within a combined Novice division of play. The Novice division of play is categorized under the Alberta One Standardized Tiering Model (Tier's 1-6). Please view the Hockey Edmonton Novice Program Resources web page and the details listed below for further information regarding the Hockey Edmonton Novice program: 

  • The NOVICE Program focuses on the Development of Technical Skills (Skating, Puck-handling, Passing, and Shooting) and the Development of Individual Tactics;
  • Hockey Canada Membership and Insurance coverage;
  • Competitive Tiering Model - Alberta One Standardized Tiering Model (Tier's 1-6) CLICK HERE;
    • Re-tiering (by application only) for Second Half-season schedule;
  • Hockey Edmonton ice allocation: 18 half-ice games and 25 half-ice practices (October 1 to March 15);
    • First Half-season schedule provided in September (Practices and Games);
    • Second Half-season schedule provided in December (Practices and Games);
    • Consistent event locations, dates, times - Hockey Edmonton;
    • Minor Novice Jamboree - March (No playoffs);
    • Quickcard Minor Hockey Week participation - January;
    • No participant medals;
    • Hockey Edmonton Equal Play Model;
    • No full-time goalies (40% maximum, goalie must also play out);
    • Rotate all players through all positions;
    • Modified team roster sizes (18 minimum, 20 maximum) - one dressing room per team;
    • If you do not field 12+ players for a game, your team shall practice on other half-ice side, while other team plays game;
  • Full implementation of Hockey Canada/Alberta half-ice Novice Program in effect;
  • Half-ice games ONLY;
    • Floods every 1-hour;
    • Hockey Canada/Alberta Novice half-ice game regulations;
    • Minor Novice Game Format 4v4 (can be modified if necessary, depending upon roster size/game attendance);
    • No score keeping (game sheet), no standings - Hockey Canada/Alberta;
    • Game Regulations: No faceoffs, off-sides, icings, etc. (see Hockey Canada/Alberta model);
    • 1.5-minute shift buzzers during games,
    • Regulation sized nets;
    • Blue pucks only (practices and games);
    • Increased playing time (Increased shifts during game-time, less time spent at faceoffs);
    • Increased puck touches, passes, shots;
    • Increased awareness/ability to play in traffic and tight spaces;
    • Increased shots on net for goaltenders;
  • Half-ice/shared-ice practices ONLY;
    • Multiple station works practices to develop technical skills and individual tactics;
    • Progressive curriculums should follow the Hockey Canada Skill Development Pyramid;
    • Hockey Edmonton Novice Curriculums CLICK HERE;
    • Hockey Canada Network App, Drill Hub, AND Sportgo Lite available to coaches;
  • Hockey Edmonton Season Structure and Standards of Play (recommended);
    • Seasonal Phases: Preseason/Team Formation Phase, Development Phase, Regular Season Phase);
    • 45-55 total practices (maximum) - Hockey Canada/Alberta;
    • 30-40 total games (maximum) - Hockey Canada/Alberta;
    • 3 tournaments (maximum) - Hockey Canada/Alberta;
    • Enhanced NCCP Coach Certification standards - Hockey Canada/Alberta.


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